Introduction: Our Shared Vision 

At Everlinx Jewelry, our mission is deeply rooted in creating lasting connections and capturing life's moments through jewelry. This has inspired us to develop tools that not only enhance the crafting experience but also prioritize safety and precision. The culmination of our efforts is the EVERARC welder and the EVERSHIELD (Patent Pending APP #18527996) protective screen, groundbreaking innovations designed for and by permanent jewelry professionals.

The Genesis of EVERARC

Our quest for excellence led us to identify a gap in the market for a specialized tool that addressed the unique needs of permanent jewelry creation. Traditional welding equipment often fell short, lacking the delicacy and specificity required for fine jewelry work. Driven by our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation, we embarked on a collaborative journey to design the EVERARC. This state-of-the-art spot welder embodies our dedication to providing jewelers with a tool that offers unmatched precision, versatility, and ease of use, ensuring every piece of jewelry is a masterpiece.

EVERSHIELD (Patent Pending APP #18527996): A Vision of Safety 

Understanding the importance of ease of use and safety, we introduced EVERSHIELD. This protective screen, designed to attach seamlessly to the welding stylus, is a game-changer. Leveraging advanced technology, EVERSHIELD proactively dims before the welder's flash, safeguarding the eyes without compromising on the artisan's ability to see their work clearly. Its portability revolutionizes how and where jewelry can be crafted, making intricate designs on ankles or necklaces not only possible but effortless. EVERSHIELD's introduction alongside EVERARC highlights our dedication to enhancing the jewelry-making process from all angles.

The Permanent Jewelry Starter Kit: 

In our continuous effort to support and empower jewelry artisans, we've assembled the Permanent Jewelry Starter Kit, featuring the EVERARC welder and EVERSHIELD screen. This kit encapsulates our mission to make permanent jewelry more accessible and safer to create, offering everything a jeweler needs to start their own business. By providing extensive training and high-quality materials, we aim to lower the barrier to entry for aspiring jewelers and expand the community of creators equipped with the best tools for their art.

Redefining the Craft Together 

Bringing EVERARC and EVERSHIELD to the market has been a transformative journey for us and the entire jewelry-making community. These innovations reflect our core values of connection, craftsmanship, and innovation. They allow us to not only push the boundaries of what's possible in jewelry design but also ensure that every piece is created with the highest standards of quality and safety. As we move forward, we remain committed to empowering jewelers with the tools they need to bring their visions to life, fostering a future where permanent jewelry is synonymous with both beauty and durability.

Conclusion: Our Promise, Your Possibilities 

Together, EVERARC and EVERSHIELD represent more than just technological advancements; they symbolize our promise to the community of jewelers and jewelry lovers. By embracing these tools, we invite you to join us in this new era of permanent jewelry making, marked by innovation, safety, and endless creativity.

March 11, 2024 — Shar Green