How Everlinx Started

Hello! Thank you for being here!

My name is Shar and I’m the owner of Everlinx! I’m sharing my story with you to give you a little back story of how this all started! After talking to many of you, Im sure many of us can connect and relate in some fashion, and I hope you all feel welcome in this space. 

A little back story about me, before starting up my personal permanent jewelry business, I was working as much as I possibly could running my esthetician business while being a full time mom and taking care of two little ones. I was doing lashes whenever I had a free minute when my husband could watch our kids. Early in the morning before my husband had to leave for work, on his lunch break and in the evening as soon as he got home working, taking clients as late as they could come just to make ends meet. I was burnt out. Lashing ran my life, and I knew something needed to change. I felt I had never given my kids or marriage much attention due to the demand of trying to help provide for our family. 

Then came permanent jewelry. I had spent many countless hours researching, testing, and trying to Figure it out. I’ve always loved jewelry, so this definitely was something I instantly fell in love with!  I finally landed on a few products I wanted to try, But didn’t have the means to purchase them. My husband and I talked about how to make it work, if the investment could potentially be worth it, and what we would do if it failed. I was terrified to start. But (luckily) had the support of my husband, so I went for it. 

Starting up was One of the hardest things I had ever done. (I kept wanting to stop from fear 😅) But once I fully committed, I wouldn’t let myself fail! Failure wasn’t an option.

What I’ve realized with starting Everlinx is, we all have to start somewhere, and I am so happy I started! 

I practiced so much, went through so much product, so many trials and errors. and finally had my first “party” book. I was so happy but terrified!!! What if it didn’t work? What if the jewelry isn’t quality? Are they going to like having “permanent” jewelry on? These were all questions that kept repeating in my head. They had all come to the salon I had been lashing at and made $800 in 1.5 hours. I called my husband on the way home bawling!! I couldn’t believe what I had made, but how much fun I had at the same time and that they loved their “permanent” jewelry!

The ball just started rolling, when I was taking appointments I had many ask me how I got started, and I then realized I wanted to create this opportunity for others! We talked about what would have been beneficial for us when starting, what to provide in kits to take the risk away, take the guessing game out of it, basically make it so no one had to go through the hundreds of hours or thousands upon thousands it took us to get started 😅 So we created Everlinx! 

Whether you have taken the chance on your self with starting your permanent jewelry business or are on the fence about starting something for your self. My biggest advice is just do it. And when you do it, go all in! Don’t doubt your self, don’t worry about what others will say, just do it! And don’t allow failure to exist. And know I will be your biggest cheerleader along the way! 

I’m so grateful for this amazing new community we are all building together. The stories I hear of how this industry has changed your life financially, socially, and mentally makes it all worth it! To know it has changed the lives of many people is what makes it all worth it. It truly is amazing. 

In honor of being afraid but going after your dreams Anyway, I challenge you to uplift and encourage someone today! 🥰Thank you for being here! Xx, Shar