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Our Starter Kit provides you with the materials and knowledge to make your investment back + profit, without spending another dollar!

Why Train With Us?

  • Most Affordable Comprehensive Starter Kit: Receive your very own machine, tools, and chain link as part of our deluxe package, offering an avg. Profit of $1500+
  • Abundant Material Supply: Our starter kit provides you with a variety of 8 different chains totaling 24 feet.
  • Step-by-Step Mastery: Learn how to safely and effectively use your machine and tool kit through our expertly crafted, detailed instructions.
  • Business Setup and Management: Gain invaluable knowledge on setting up and running a successful business, including creating an exceptional customer experience from day one.
  • Profit-Boosting Strategies: Acquire essential business skills such as strategic pricing, inventory management, and maximizing profit margins for long-term success.
  • Ready-to-Use Marketing Materials: Instantly leverage our library of done-for-you marketing materials.
  • Bonus Ongoing Training: Enjoy a plethora of bonus video content, featuring live student training, guidance on hosting pop-up events, personalized coaching calls, and more!
  • Lifetime Discount: Everlinx students receive an exclusive 5% off our wide variety of chains for life!