What's included in the highest rated and most affordable permanent jewelry training kit?

An instant value of more than $6.5k for a fraction of the cost!

Training & Education

Our easy to follow, step-by-step training program has everything you need to start your business!

"This course was amazing, it went into full details of everything, with easy follow along videos. Starter kit has everything needed to get your business started."


The Starter Kit includes all of the Equipment & Tools needed, pluse 8 of our best selling chains and 100 jump rings!

"I purchased your kit a little over a month ago. My first pop-up was 11/11 as of today, 12/13, I have made a little over $13,000. Thank you so much for such an amazing program and the new training videos are amazing!!!"

What our students have to say!
It was talking to you on the phone (who does that these days) that sold me. How genuine you were to answer all my questions. And there was no gimmick. The business is 100% mine. You aren't trying to sell us your things after the fact.
— Kayla Q
This course is money!

By money I mean I made mine back in the blink of an eye! I decided to add this to my salon and offer to do private events and pop-ups on the side and I’m now making more money doing a few events each month than I am at my full time job for the whole month. The customer service is great as I seem to need my hand held for everything. I use Everlinx as my main chain supplier because they have personally tested each chain so I don’t have to and they are all quality chains. The shipping is top notch too! (I get mine in 2 days!)
If you’re uncertain, schedule a call and have all your questions ready. They are helpful and patient. This is a great way to start your business having everything included to get you up and running. It took me less than a week to start offering permanent jewelry to clients and my first client still has all her chains on 7 months later.
— Lori
Perfect kit to get started!

I’m so glad I chose Everlinx to start my permanent jewelry business, Luxe Collective! The online training was straight forward and filled with great information. I was able to learn and start my business all from home!
All my tools and supplies have been such great quality and I am really happy with the support I’ve quickly received with any questions or concerns I’ve had! Such an amazing investment!
— Marissa S
This course was amazing, it went into full details of everything, with easy follow along videos. Starter kit has everything needed to get your business started.
— Emily H.
Best start up training and kit

I purchased my starter kit in Feb 2023 and have been steadily growing my small business. I absolutely love what I do and it’s thanks to such great training with Everlinx. Thank you so much checkout @linked.forever.chains on Instagram to follow as I continue to grow my business.
— Samantha S.
Thank you!

Thank you for the course! I was non stop with people for my first pop up at our local vineyard. It was so much fun and everyone loved it! I’m so happy I decided to take the leap and start permanent jewelry 💖
— Kayla L.
The training was thorough, yet simple to understand. Great training!
— Erin J.
The new training is great. It goes over everything you need to know.
— Patty V.
I cannot wait to begin my journey!!!
— Ashley H.

I ordered the started kit a few months ago and I LOVE it. It arrived in great conditions and I love every chains they sent. I did a small event with friends and family and I am very happy with the sells that I (had). I jiust did another small purchase Thank you Everlinx for the opportunity and help
— Daniela P.
I am impressed w/ the training and kit. I've been able to adjust and seem to be getting welds down. I can't wait for my first event! Thank you so much!
— Adrienne P.
Quality training & chains

This training was thorough, professionally done, and left me feeling confident immediately. I took a training by another company about 9 months prior and I felt defeated. I was left feeling stuck and that I had no clue what I was doing. It was poor quality, not close up and did not go in detail about anything. I was scared to spend another $2K+ but I had a call to ask some questions before making the decision. I’m so glad I finally did! The supplies are great quality, the chains are beautiful and I feel happy I chose everlinx! I wish I would have found them first!
— Sara M.
Great Value

I'm so ecstatic about purchasing the kit. The chains provided were a great variety and I appreciate that not just the cheaper chains were sent. The course was EFFICIENT and not filled with fluff which I also really appreciated. I'm a straight to the point person with limited time and a lot of courses I've bought in the past just are not efficient. I am so excited for this new business adventure and glad I took this step! Truly a wonderful investment!
— Britt V.

BTW your website doesn’t give your kit enough credit! It’s amazing. Ya’ll covered EVERYTHING. Thank you!
— Megan B
I purchased your kit a little over a month ago. My first pop-up was 11/11 as of today, 12/13, I have made a little over $13,000. Thank you so much for such an amazing program and the new training videos are amazing!!!
— Raegan M
Everlinx has been so awesome to work with. Before I decided to sign up for their course, we had a conversation on the phone so we could talk about any questions/concerns I had. It was so nice to have a real person to talk to! Brighton was so sweet to have a one on one training with me and was so patient while I tried to get the hang of things. She’s always so quick to get back to me anytime I text/message her with silly questions. I’m so glad I decided to sign up and train with Everlinx! 10/10 would recommend them to anyone looking for a permanent jewelry course!
— Sierra M.
Awesome!!!! Very informative and customer service is great.
— Heather B.
Beginner Friendly

The Everlinx Welder is amazing because it is beginner friendly. I was able to learn set up, welding, and take down in about half an hour! The steps are so easy. Truly, anyone can learn to use this machine, it is awesome!
— Michelle B.
Working with Sharalyn at everlinx was so awesome! She was always willing to answer all my silly questions without hesitation! And my materials and jewelry kit arrived so fast!! The online training was so easy to do. Everlinx permanent jewelry training kit pricing was very reasonable.
This is such an awesome experience for my business Shine by Shae. I couldn’t have done it without the help of Sharalyn at Everlinx. I can’t wait to see where the permanent jewelry takes me and my small business❤️
— Shalie C.

Low Risk: Our Starter Kit provides you with the materials and knowledge to make your investment back + profit, without spending another dollar!

Why Train With Us?

  • Most Affordable Comprehensive Starter Kit: Receive your very own machine, tools, and chain link as part of our deluxe package, offering an avg. Profit of $1500+
  • Abundant Material Supply: Our starter kit provides you with a variety of 8 different chains totaling 24 feet.
  • Step-by-Step Mastery: Learn how to safely and effectively use your machine and tool kit through our expertly crafted, detailed instructions.
  • Business Setup and Management: Gain invaluable knowledge on setting up and running a successful business, including creating an exceptional customer experience from day one.
  • Profit-Boosting Strategies: Acquire essential business skills such as strategic pricing, inventory management, and maximizing profit margins for long-term success.
  • Ready-to-Use Marketing Materials: Instantly leverage our library of done-for-you marketing materials.
  • Bonus Ongoing Training: Enjoy a plethora of bonus video content, featuring live student training, guidance on hosting pop-up events, personalized coaching calls, and more!
  • Lifetime Discount: Everlinx students receive an exclusive 5% off our wide variety of chains for life!