Advanced, Patent Pending (APP #18527996) Technology: EVERSHIELD is not just another welding screen; it's a leap forward in technology. With its patent-pending (#18527996) design, it offers unmatched safety features. Unlike traditional auto-dimming screens that react to welding sparks, EVERSHIELD proactively dims in response to signals from EVERARC, ensuring your eyes are protected before the flash even occurs.

Designed for Precision and Comfort: The genius of EVERSHIELD lies in its portability and ease of attachment to your welding stylus. This unique feature allows for unparalleled flexibility, making it possible to comfortably and safely work on intricate pieces, including in challenging areas like ankles and necks. It's a game-changer for both the jeweler and the client, providing comfort and safety.

Enhancing Your Welding Experience: Its proactive dimming technology ensures optimal protection, while its portable design allows for a more ergonomic and client-friendly approach to jewelry welding.

A Must-Have: EVERSHIELD represents Everlinx Jewelry's commitment to innovation, safety, and the art of jewelry making. It's an essential tool for anyone in the permanent jewelry industry, from seasoned professionals to those just starting.

***Only compatible with EVERARC